The truth behind DPRK


The DPRK, commonly known as North Korea, is a controversial topic in terms of current affairs and politics. The country is infamous in the western world, and the media spread fear about the ongoings and politics of the Asian country, led by Kim Jong-Un.

However, there is debate about whether the media can be trusted on issues surrounding the DPRK as there is very little knowledge about it. The country is very secular, and prefers to stay independent rather than participate in global trade and debates.

The political system in the DPRK revolves around the “Juche” ideology, which translates to “self reliance.”According to the government, it is the idea that;  “a complete answer to any question that arises in the struggle for national liberation” and was founded by Kim Il-Sung. Originally the idea was a derivation from Marxism-Leninism, and was used to push the Korean revolution of 1955.  It replaced the idea of Marxism-Leninism in the 80’s and is supposed to eventually create a communist state.

This ideology directly contradicts everything the western media say about the DPRK. Kim Jong-Un is painted as a fascist dictator of a corrupt country where you can be assassinated for almost anything. It is true that the DPRK is not perfect. According to many reports and claims, they possess a huge arsenal of chemical and nuclear weapons, as well as the ability to cultivate diseases such as cholera and smallpox. The media is strictly controlled by the government, and North Korean citizens are most likely fed lies and propaganda by leader Kim Jong-Un.

However, there is many things the western media does not tell about the country. Education is free at all levels, and the literacy rate is 100%. It could also be argued some of the propaganda is necessary. DPRK propaganda ranges from leaflets, films art and media, but usually revolves around the cult of personality which decorates the leader, and decorates the North Korean race as pure and intellectual. Although it seems controlling to monitor a population like this, it may be the only way the DPRK can remain a secular state. It is also worth noting that propaganda and brainwashing occurs in western media more than anywhere else, we are just convinced that it isn’t, by the same people. Media forms our opinions on almost everything, unless you choose to dig deeper.

Despite the fact that the DPRK possesses many destructive weapons, they have never invaded, bombed or colonised anyone. The US demonises the state but cannot excuse its invasive actions, they have no right to continue involving themselves in Korean affairs.

Essentially, the DPRK deserves the respect and support of communists and the left wing because it is anti-imperialist and has used everything it has to keep out of foreign affairs, and resist imperialism from the US, UK and other world powers. In the last few days, Kim Jong-Un has threatened to use nuclear action as Britain plan to send Typhoon fighter planes to Seoul. North Korea is taking an aggressive stance in retaliation to western military action, but they would not be doing this if they were not being threatened. The western media are working alongside the government to ensure that if we ever did decide to attack North Korea, our public would be fine with it, due to the fear and lies spread about the DPRK. If you claim to be anti-imperialist, you must support all anti–imperialist states, even if their policies may seem extreme, and North Korea is no different.


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