Voting on the 8th June – UK general election

On the 8th June our country will be voting again on who will run our country for at least the next 4 years, and in comparison with previous elections it is fairly unusual and significant. For decades, the difference between The Conservatives and Labour has been almost unnoticeable at times, as British politics has, for the most part, aligned at the centre right and whoever is governing, they operate an economically right wing policy. Theresa May offers no different from this – a staunch neoliberal government who will continue to implement austerity and cuts across the board, leading to suffering amongst the masses. However, Jeremy Corbyn, who is leading the Labour Party, is the first politician in a while who has offered some real hope of change, and during his tenure as leader, has deviated the party back to its socialist roots, despite much opposition from the centrist Blairite wing of the party.

As far as I’m concerned, a vote for the Conservatives should never be an option anyway, so I don’t feel the need to discuss it much. However, I urge anyone who would be considering it to rethink. Theresa May has demonstrated her clear lack of political nuance with her scripted questions and incoherent answers, and she remains trying to appeal to the few rich and powerful, by including policies on grammar schools and fox hunting in her manifesto. Aside from the fact that the Tories are clearly worried as they take every opportunity to outrageously lie about the Labour Party and slate Corbyn, they also have the media under full control and recently bought Google ads so their questionable policies receive less attention. There have also been many claims from the Tory-backed media about Labour’s infamous “magic money tree”, however they fail to mention that the Labour budget is the most thoroughly costed in history, and the Conservative budget is completely uncounted for. The hypocrisy and nonsensicalness is extraordinary. It is surely clear that this party cannot be trusted with ANYTHING, including the control of life-or-death issues such as the welfare system and healthcare system. Time after time, the Conservatives have failed to act on key issues, and whether they intended to or not, they have caused a systematic crisis which has led to the death of many poor, disabled and mentally ill people. While most of the country live in comfortable conditions and struggle to empathise with the struggle of others, I urge anyone considering a Tory vote to consider the well being of the country as a whole, because although those of you who are high earners may suffer from a slight loss in terms of income tax rises, the country will benefit from a Labour government and so will you in terms of healthcare, public services and general wellbeing.

This is not to say I hold no issues with the Labour Party. In recent years the party has been drawn towards the centre right and has at times shown a complete disregard for the needs of working class people. Even now, with Corbyn and McDonnell and the forefront, they are cautious to associate themselves with Marxism and the far left, most likely due to concerns with losing floating voters. Despite the fact that Labour do still not reflect my political stance, and I did not think I would ever vote in a British general election, the country is in a state of emergency under the Conservatives and it is a matter of life or death for many. A vote for Labour is the only useful alternative and Jeremy Corbyn has shown an intent to immerse himself amongst the working class, and his manifesto shows a real purpose. He is ready to redistribute wealth more than any government before and he genuinely cares about a better standard of living for everyone. I hope that if Labour do win, Corbyn could invigorate the left into actions and that could lead to further organisation and opposition against fascism and capitalism.

One thing that separates Corbyn from the bunch, and ironically leads to him receiving the most criticism, is his staunch opposition to any form of imperialism. Corbyn has previously shown respect for the freedom fighter group, the IRA, and also opposed bombings in Syria and war in Iran. I truly believe Corbyn would fight for peace all over the globe, and he has mentioned the need for discussions about possible reparations for countries where we are responsible for many of their issues. Foreign policy seems to usually take a back seat in political discussions as the majority of people vote with their own interests, but its important to remember that bad foreign policy cost lives, which are just as important as our lives. Under a Tory government we continue to support imperialist USA, alongside the genocidal Israeli state and Saudi Arabia in their attacks on Yemen. Its clear our foreign policy currently revolves solely around profit which is disgusting when there are lives being destroyed and taken everyday.

Despite the fact there are other left wing parties in the UK, none are popular enough to really challenge for leadership. Labour still have lots of work to do, in order to make themselves truly the party of the working class again. However they are clearly gaining momentum and polls show that, however I urge undecided voters, especially those of you who don’t usually vote, to really consider going with Labour because the Conservatives are still more likely to get into power and the country will be another 4 years away from any chance of redemption. The far left also need to get behind Corbyn and secure a government with working class interests at heart, giving breathing space to suffering people and allowing room for the left to gain momentum and grow.


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